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February 25th, 2018 by Dershimer Insurance Agency

Clarifying Homeowners Insurance Deductibles

Deductibles are a normal, expected part of insurance – health, auto, and home. But not all deductibles are created equal, and neither are the circumstances in which they apply. If you’ve ever wondered what your homeowner insurance deductibles are, or why they vary so much from situation to situation, this guide can help clarify your deductible and prepare […] The post Clarifying Homeowners Insurance Deductibles appeared first on... Read Article

March Outdoor Maintenance Checklist for Florida Homeowners

March is one of the driest months of the year in Florida, making it the perfect time to check as many items as possible off of your annual maintenance list.  Here are ten things that should be checked before summer begins, to help keep your home looking beautiful and your property safer all year long.  Talk […] The post March Outdoor Maintenance Checklist for Florida Homeowners... Read Article

Spring Cleaning your Florida Home – Safety First 

    As spring approaches, it’s a great time to start thinking about spring cleaning – and not just in a wash the curtains or scrub the baseboards kind of way. You can spring clean for safety and help reduce common household risks.  Check for Potential Water Leaks  While you are cleaning, check for damp […] The post Spring Cleaning your Florida Home – Safety First  appeared first... Read Article

Dealing with Leakage / Seepage Water Damage

It has happened to many homeowners over the years – a suddenly appearing damp spot in a floor, wall, or ceiling that turns out to be the product of a long term hidden leak. Hidden water damage (often referred to as “leakage / seepage”) can present many challenges and concerns for homeowners.  The Problem with Leakage / Seepage Claims  Water […] The post Dealing with Leakage / Seepage Water Damage... Read Article

Do You Know What Your Homeowners Insurance Deductibles Are?

It’s happened to more policyholders than can be counted – a weather event, a leak, or a burglary occurs, and an insurance claim must be filed. Suddenly there’s a deductible to be paid, and many homeowners are surprised to find out their deductible may not be what they thought.  All homeowners insurance claims are not equal  Depending […] The post Do You Know What Your Homeowners Insurance... Read Article