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June 10th, 2019 by Dershimer Insurance Agency

The Five Cs of Homeowners Insurance, Part 1: Coverage

What’s important when it comes to homeowners insurance coverage? For Floridians, certain needs stand out. The Sunshine State can present unique challenges for homeowners, so before you sign the paperwork on a homeowners insurance policy, check to make sure you are getting all of the coverage you need and deserve. While a standard homeowners (HO3) […] The post The Five Cs of Homeowners Insurance, Part... Read Article

How To Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs

If you own a home, homeowners insurance is an item in your budget that’s there to stay. Depending on the size of your home, location, and other factors, your premiums may be significant and could increase over time. However, there are ways to minimize the cost of homeowners insurance. Taking the following steps could help lower your premiums. Increase Your Deductible A deductible is the... Read Article

Should you File a Homeowners Insurance Claim For Minimal Hurricane Damage?

When should you file a homeowners insurance claim for hurricane damage? There is a lot of debate over this topic, and misunderstandings about how homeowners insurance works if you have to file a claim after a hurricane. Your premium typically won’t increase due to a hurricane claim Many homeowners may think that if there is […] The post Should you File a Homeowners Insurance Claim... Read Article

Best Uses For Special Event Insurance

In today’s litigious society, it may be wise to consider purchasing special event insurance if you are planning a wedding, a large party, or another event. This type of insurance can help protect your investment in the event and provide liability coverage for various types of potential claims. Speak with our friendly, helpful agency about an insurance policy to cover your special event. What Is... Read Article

Mitigating Security Risks for Peace of Mind this Summer

Summertime in Florida can be a time for family fun – school is out, vacation plans can be made, and lazy days spent at the beach or by the pool. However, summer also brings with it new security risks. Changes in schedules can make your home a target, and an empty house can become vulnerable. […] The post Mitigating Security Risks for Peace of Mind... Read Article