Insurance shopping: 3 ways it’s easier than ever before

It’s an ideal time to be an insurance shopper. New options—like starting a quote with a picture of your driver’s license and pricing multiple insurance products all at once—make finding a great policy easier than ever.


Mobile options are expanding.
New features like these—available at Progressive and some other companies—make mobile quoting an even more convenient option:

• Image technology: Take a photo of your driver’s license or scan your car’s VIN, and Progressive automatically enters this information into your auto quote. (Check out the video below!)
• Option to buy: Now you can buy an auto insurance policy on a mobile device, in addition to getting a quote.
• Additional products: You can quote and buy insurance for other vehicles on a mobile device now, too. Get a bike, boat or RV policy anywhere, anytime.

Choosing coverage isn’t a DIY job.
It’s also easier to customize an insurance policy. With Progressive’s Coverage CheckerSM for car insurance, for example, you see where you might need more or less coverage, control how much coverage you buy and get information to help you make the right choice for you.

Insurance quotes do dual duty.
Now, you can also price and buy two insurance products—like home and auto insurance—in a single quote. Not only does this save you time, it might also save you money; many insurers, including Progressive, offer discounts for buying certain insurance products together.


Image scanning feature is currently available in about 20 states. Mobile buy option is currently available in about 40 states.