5 Critical Hailstorm Precautions



Fortunately, hailstorms are not something that Florida residents have to face very often. When those ice pellets do come crashing down, they have the potential to do a great deal of damage in a short amount of time. If accompanied by high winds and preceded or followed by heavy rain, hailstorms can knock down trees and power lines. Very large hailstones can break or chip a tile roof, damage roof shingles, dent vent covers—and may even shatter windows in your home.


As unsettling as even brief violent storms can be, customers of Olympus Insurance only have to take one simple step to assess any possible damage: Call the Olympus Claims line at 866-281-2242. Olympus provides free, thorough inspections by engineering specialists who are experts in evaluating storm damage. Should you need to file a homeowners insurance claim, Olympus also maintains a list of quality licensed contractors. No hassles, no headaches.


But what about those moments immediately after the storm subsides? Taking these few simple precautions may help prevent additional damage or even personal injury:


  1. Make your personal safety and that of your family your first priority. When you go outside or walk around your property, wear proper shoes and gloves. Never use rain-soaked electrical equipment and watch out for broken glass, sharp objects or exposed electrical wires.


  1. If you leave your property, drive with extreme caution. Storm damage can vary greatly from home to home, block to block, or in different neighborhoods. Watch for downed trees but especially be on the lookout for debris or power lines.


  1. Safeguard your home and vehicle against further damage, especially if the hail came with strong winds and/or heavy rain. Use tarps to reduce the exposure to water wherever possible and protect any personal belongings that may be at risk.


  1. When home water damage is involved, immediately call water-damage experts Rytech at 800-865-8787.  The Olympus partnership with Rytech provides you with 24-hour emergency service and a 15-minute response time—guaranteed. Rapid emergency response is so critical in reducing water damage that Olympus is now waiving the deductible up to $5000 for customers who utilize Rytech as their only water extraction vendor.


  1. In the days and first few weeks following the storm, beware of storm-chasing contractors who travel through neighborhoods and housing developments offering free roof inspections. Your ultimate protection against scam artists is to call Olympus first!


Should the unexpected happen, Olympus is here to protect your most valuable and precious asset—your home. Call the Olympus Claims line at 866-281-2242 and then relax in the confidence that you have a trusted partner watching over your best interests every step of the way. You can count on Olympus.