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Back to School Means Changes in Routine – Are Your Kids Safe and Your Home Secure?

As Florida public schools resume session, it can be a good time to talk with kids about home security and home safety. Approximately seven million American children under the age of 12 spend part of each school day home alone, according to the Afterschool Alliance. There is not a state law in Florida mandating a child […] The post Back to School Means Changes in Routine... Read Article

Understanding Workers' Comp

Workers’ comp is not a perfect system, and sometimes things can wrong or fall through the cracks. If an employee filed a valid claim, workers’ comp should cover all their medical expenses resulting from the work-related injury. If anything goes wrong with this process, it is important to find out what went wrong with the claim and get it corrected. How Does An Employee File... Read Article

Is Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Up To Date?

Owning a home in Florida can be an extremely rewarding experience, whether you reside in it year round, use it as a vacation home, or bought it as an investment property. Your homeowners insurance policy may be something you renew without thinking about year after year – but do you know what your coverage is […] The post Is Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Up To... Read Article

5 Steps To Follow After A Car Accident

No matter how diligently you drive, car accidents are sometimes unavoidable. It is important to know about the following steps to take in case you are involved in a crash. Step 1: Check Yourself & Your Passengers For Injuries If you are injured, call 911, or asked someone else to do so if you are unable. If you have passengers in your vehicle, check to... Read Article

The Five Cs of Homeowners Insurance, Part 5: Contractors

Damage to your home can often mean needing to hire a contractor to perform repairs. This can be necessary when a leaking pipe causes water damage, a windstorm destroys your roof, or a hurricane affects your home and your property.  Unfortunately, Florida homeowners must stay on the alert for potential AOB (Assignment of Benefits) contractor […] The post The Five Cs of Homeowners Insurance, Part... Read Article