9 Must Know Steps to Take If Home Water Damage Strikes

– Olympus Insurance Florida


You wake up to it or you come home and find it—water everywhere, in the walls, under the carpet, soaking into your furniture and belongings. What do you do? If your home is insured with Olympus, the first step is easy: Call Olympus Insurance at 866-281-2242 or our water-damage partner Rytech at 800-865-8787.


Is there anything you should or should not be doing before the experts arrive? The answer is yes! Fast action can make a big difference in the extent of the damage, whether the problem is caused by wind-driven rain, a burst pipe or a broken hot water heater.


1. Stop the flow of water. If the water is coming from inside the home, immediately shut off the main water valve. Make sure everyone in your home or family knows where the main shutoff valve is located and what to do.


2. In a serious water event, turn off the power or natural gas as an additional safety precaution. Minor water leaks are unlikely to require this step.


3. Make personal safety the highest priority. Do not use any electrical appliances around water or wet carpet/flooring. Avoid the temptation to plug in that wet vacuum.


4. Begin removing what water you can—quickly and safely by mopping or blotting with towels. Fast action may minimize the damage to your home and belongings.


5. Do what you can to protect belongings and furniture. Move them to a dry area. Put furniture on blocks or slide a square of aluminum foil under the legs to prevent wood stains from bleeding into wet carpet.


6. Wipe any excess water from belongings and furniture. Open drawers and cabinet doors for faster drying and spread out books to speed the drying process.


7. Remove any area rugs since the dyes can stain flooring, carpeting, and wood floors.


8. Do not attempt to remove tacks and pull back or lift up wet carpet. Carpet can shrink once it has become wet and dried out, so leave that job to the carpet experts.


9. Don’t throw away damaged belongings, especially expensive items that will need to be inspected by your Olympus claims adjuster. Make a thorough list as soon as you can and document damage with photos and video if at all possible.


No one is ever completely prepared for the unexpected. That’s why Olympus Insurance partners with Rytech to give customers the ultimate peace of mind. Olympus customers never have to wonder who to call or go through frustrating back-and-forth delays between emergency/repair services and their insurance company. They have access to Rytech’s professional services around the clock, 365 days a year—with a 15-minute guaranteed response time! 


Remember… If water damage strikes, call Olympus or Rytech first!

Olympus:   866-281-2242

Rytech at 800-865-8787